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SOM Forum proposal (October 2006)

October 2006 — EurOMA is pleased to announce the establishment of a Forum dedicated to the promotion and support of Service Operations Management (SOM) research and education. The SOM Forum proposal, approved by the EurOMA Board on 20th October 2006, will provide a mechanism for the exploration and dissemination of leading research in the greater field of SOM.

The aims of the SOM Forum are to:

  • develop a community of scholars to address the research challenges of Service Operations Management as well as to meet the needs of practitioners;
  • facilitate interdisciplinary research which addresses the aspirations of both academic and practitioner communities;
  • provide support structures for the study and education of SOM;
  • identify and promote dissemination channels for SOM research.

Service Operations Management is an important area requiring dedicated and coordinated research activity. Traditionally, with its roots in production management, the Operations Management community has been focused on addressing the needs of the Manufacturing Sector. The need to specifically address the ‘Service’ component of companies located both within the Manufacturing and Service sectors is paramount for future competitiveness.

With approximately 70% of GDP in developed countries being attributed to the Service Sector, and employment within this sector accounting for close on 80%, the need to embrace SOM research is essential. Furthermore, SOM research is not only constrained within the Services Sector. Manufacturing companies are increasingly looking towards ‘Services’ for increased revenues and competitive positions. This is therefore a time to look at extant theory in Operations Management, to reflect on the achievements to date in Services Research, and to build upon this knowledge through an innovative research agenda.

The SOM Forum has been initiated to provide an appropriate support network to engage with the future challenge of SOM research.

1st SOM Forum Committee & Management Group (2006):

  • Prof. Paul Coughlan
  • Prof. José A. D. Machuca
  • Prof. Philip Andi Smart
  • Prof. Chris Voss

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