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Membership Benefits

Join EurOMA today!  This is a European-based yet international association that brings together people, knowledge and practice from around the world on the common theme of Operations Management (OM).  Are you interested in learning more about and developing OM in your area and even further afield?  The EurOMA network, consisting of academics and practitioners with rapidly-growing international links around the world, is where people like you can get together to communicate experiences and ideas, thereby bridging the gap between research and practice.  Don't delay – become a EurOMA member today! 

Benefits of EurOMA Membership

EurOMA members have the opportunity to participate in and benefit by the following activities...

Networking: First and foremost, the European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) is a network. The values outlined above and the activities below all contribute towards the Association being an OM organisation that brings together people, knowledge and practice from around the world.

International Annual Conferences: EurOMA organises an annual conference, recognised for its international participation and contribution to OM knowledge and practice. Each conference focuses on a theme of major importance, such as: manufacturing strategy; operations management in services; international operations; technology and people; and managing manufacturing technology. 
(Note: EurOMA members benefit from a reduced conference registration fee!)

Workshops: Throughout the year, several workshops are held on topics of interest to EurOMA members, with the emphasis not only on research and application, but also on teaching and writing. Recent workshops have included topics such as: teaching manufacturing strategy; case study writing; empirical research methods; logistics and intelligent manufacturing.

Newsletter: EurOMA circulates a newsletter to its members containing news on a wide range of areas of interest, and provides a forum for them to express their views and to communicate with other members and colleagues in the field of OM.  Contributions welcome!

Journal: The official journal of EurOMA is the International Journal of Operations & Production Management (IJOPM), published by Emerald, one of the world's leading academic publishers. IJOPM provides a possible route for EurOMA members to submit their papers for publcation in a high-quality and internationally-recognised journal. 
(Note: A journal-inclusive membership option for EurOMA offers a substantial reduction on the regular subscription fee for the printed version.) 

Reduced Joint EurOMA & POMS membership rates: By applying for both EurOMA & POMS membership at the same time (via either association), you save a considerable amount on the total membership fee! 

[See the Fees & How to Join / Renew page for info on how to become a EurOMA member or renew your membership...]