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Who are EurOMA Members?

The EurOMA membership is drawn from people who are interested in the development of knowledge, teaching and application of Operations Management as a professional field. Academic members are drawn from teachers, researchers and students in colleges, universities and other higher education institutions. These members represent a wide range of departments and faculties and also include individuals who may be from other disciplines but who nonetheless enjoy the interaction with and/or have a strong interest in the field. Business members are drawn from managers and engineers who are interested in new OM developments, the application of new ideas, and who seek interaction with both academics and others from industry.

Membership to EurOMA is not restricted to Europe; it also includes members from other countries who benefit from their involvement in the network, the publications and information offered as well as participation in many EurOMA events. As of 2006, an agreement with POMS in the United States was struck so that joint membership to both organisations is now possible (via either association) at a considerable discount.

EurOMA is an international non-profit organisation registered in Brussels, Belgium, and is run by its members through its Board and Officers who are elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in conjunction with the annual EurOMA conference.

In 2011, EurOMA consisted of 700 registered members for the calendar year (an increase of 200 since 2008). This number is steadily rising with current members renewing and new members joining the Association annually.

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